Centurions , reporting In.

  • I know some make fun of these guys, I for one love the models.

Great fun to build and paint and the Imperial Fists colours look great on them. The magnetisation was relatively simple too.

Here (above) they are with thier grav cannon and amp load out.

And here (above) with thier lascannons.

Look forward to trying different schemes with these models in the future.

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Imperial Fists, masters of siege warfare.

An order came through for imperial fists, 10 man tactical squad with a rhino. The requirements were red eye lenses and black trim as opposed to the traditional green lenses and red trim.


Got to say, I’m growing on Imperial Fists. This squad needs a transport, rhino standing by.


And the other side.


For some unknown reason, this squad has inspired me to do a squad of scions in Team America uniforms and a Taurox done in the american flag (like the humvee in the film)


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