Blood for the Blood God

Blood and skulls, skulls and blood.

Rage and fire, anger and fury. Destroy and kill. Maim and sate the hunger that drives my fate.

A Bloodthirster, exploding from the chaotic plains.

His hunger will never diminish.

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Chaos Demon Prince

“Followers of Chaos Undivided venerate Chaos itself, seeing the four major Chaos Gods as a single pantheon to be worshipped equally as different emanations of the same universal force.” –

The vision for this demon Prince was vivid nightmare creature.

I think it has been achieved, in my mind at least. I look forward to painting more demons.

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Defending the Coast: High Elf mage on Dragon.

I had a request to paint a mage on a blue dragon. My mind immediately thought of the sea when I saw the base, the tall rocks and dynamic pose of the dragon. Just looks like its launching from a cliff to deffend the coast.

Naturally this made me think of the Lothern Sea Guard.

“The job of a Sea Guard is to fulfill the dangerous task of defending their vessels from attacking forces, mounting boarding actions against enemy ships, and attacking coastal positions.”

So Lothern sea mage on dragon? Sounds good right. Here it is.


Extremely pleased with it, as was the person it was for. Looks great with the waves crashing against the rocks, really adds to the overall look.


This guy means business!

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Mighty Lord of Khorne

The mighty lord of Khorne was a tricky model to paint. Had to assemble it into 3 sections to make it easier to reach all the areas of the model.


I wanted to have a good contrast with the hound, so went for a yellow-green look on the tongue and crest.


Kept the axe clean, thought about adding blood effects but I figured that he would be setting his hound on his victims most of the time.


Here’s a few more shots of the figure. Enjoy.



Next time I’ll be showing off how I converted an old ork truck into ‘da rust Bukket 9000’.

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Khorne Bloodsecrator

Finished painting the Khorne Bloodsecrator this week, nice model alot of details.


I decided to add a few extra scratches to the blades of the axe/mace (axemace?). As it looks like it could get lots of work done in battle.


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See you next post!

– Perkulant


Skuldrak, the Khorgaroth

So finished this model, he’s the blood god’s answer to the incredible Hulk. Except maybe even more smash! Even less thinking.


He was fun to paint, trying to get the different shades of red etc. Happy with the way the tentacles came out, used a new paint in my arsenal from the p3 range. Carnal pink.


That booty though, hope you all enjoy. Head to Enquiries to place an order.