Ork 40k Battlewagon build: Part 2

Back to da wurkshop, been making steady progress with the battlewagon. The roof is on, the small turret is awaiting da gunz!


Have ordered some bits from Puppetswar they have an awesome selection. Large turret, with a plasma cannon (zzap gun), rocket launcher and a long cannon, which will be my kill cannon. Got the wheels from fox-box on now.


Needs more rivets…


The wheel covers have helped with the over all look, I think we could use some more orky-ness on the roof.


Looking good boyz! Paint it den!


Nice. Looks good un’ proper like. Next time I’ll be painting the battlewagon.

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Ork 40k Battlewagon build: Part 1

Having a go at a custom battlewagon. Always fancied trying some ‘Kustom Buildz’.

Based on the 3529 ZIS-5 russian truck model kit 1:35 by ZVEZDA.


After getting past the basics, clipping of sprue and gluing the main parts together I finally got to the fun part.

Kustom modsz boyz!!


The exhaust is meant to be an engine intake from a set of engines from fox-box.co.uk , engine itself will be further down.

Used 2mm thick plasticard and chopped it roughly with clippers, the bolts are just cheap cotton ear buds chopped with a hobby knife into small sections.

Da Ram, fur rammin’.


Just got creative here, same processes as before. Chopped edges with clippers and bent the pointy bits in random directions. Used a small cross head screwdriver to drill through roughly for some billet holes.

So far all together, fox-box.co.uk engine in the front.


Magnetised the plow as I’m going to make a deffrolla also. Till next time ladz!

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Khorne Bloodsecrator

Finished painting the Khorne Bloodsecrator this week, nice model alot of details.


I decided to add a few extra scratches to the blades of the axe/mace (axemace?). As it looks like it could get lots of work done in battle.


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See you next post!

– Perkulant


Skuldrak, the Khorgaroth

So finished this model, he’s the blood god’s answer to the incredible Hulk. Except maybe even more smash! Even less thinking.


He was fun to paint, trying to get the different shades of red etc. Happy with the way the tentacles came out, used a new paint in my arsenal from the p3 range. Carnal pink.


That booty though, hope you all enjoy. Head to Enquiries to place an order.