Da Rust Bukket 9000

So I ordered this old trukk from eBay, wow it’s small..


Stripped it using fairy power spray in my ultrasonic cleaner, came out really well. Had to scrub a little with an old toothbrush though.

Forgot to take pics of the scratch built bits, gah!

I used 2mm plasticard and plastic glue to make a rough rectangle shape, for the frame. Using hobby knife I cut the bed of the trukk in half and widened using more plasticard.


The weld marks and reinforced bars were made from miliput, you could use greenstuff if you like. The engine was from fox-box this helps it go fastaaah!

Since I’m going for bad moons, here’s it in yellow.


Bit bright at the moment, don’t worry we will rust this so it looks like a racing scrap yard.


I painted metal sections (guns, ram, engine, wheel hubcaps and barrels), tyres and the nuts and bolts (yes metal, but took so long I thought they deserved thier own section).

Then a wash all over in sepia wash.



Got the exhaust, guns and tyres from zinge industries.

Right, time for da rusty look. Using vallejo pigments, the rust set. I built up the rust effect in layers, dabbing the pigments on from darkest up to lightest.

It was sealed using some white spirits and left to dry. Once fully dried I used vallejo satin varnish through my airbrush on the whole model. And here is the end result.



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See you all soon. Going to be painting a high elf mage on dragon for my brother’s birthday present next.

Mighty Lord of Khorne

The mighty lord of Khorne was a tricky model to paint. Had to assemble it into 3 sections to make it easier to reach all the areas of the model.


I wanted to have a good contrast with the hound, so went for a yellow-green look on the tongue and crest.


Kept the axe clean, thought about adding blood effects but I figured that he would be setting his hound on his victims most of the time.


Here’s a few more shots of the figure. Enjoy.



Next time I’ll be showing off how I converted an old ork truck into ‘da rust Bukket 9000’.

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