Speedy Bargain, featuring Eldar

Well I found a brand new sealed, plastic Eldar jetbiker from the 90’s on ebay. 99p later and we have a fun cheap little project!

Decided to go for the Games Workshop scheme on their website. Love the red, white and black. Got the model in the post Tuesday, after 5 hours across two days we got this.



This model has gone up on ebay 99p starting bid. Enjoy worthy winner!

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Iron within, Iron without!

A tabletop gamer in need, sent out an S.O.S on Reddit looking for a painter to get a job done fast.

The mission:

10 x Chaos Space Marines, painted in Perturabo’s Iron warriors style. Tabletop quality. Deadline, 5 days away, with a bank holiday weekend to contend with.

Mission accepted!


You can probably spot one marine left his gun in the rhino! He cant even look at the camera he’s so embarrassed. The customer wanted 2 x plasma guns and had a spare he wanted to use.


It gets hot!


Warning! Chain swords may cause sudden death.

I was so happy to hear that the customer was very pleased, in fact he’s asked for a commissioned Hellbrute to match, this time display quality.

Time to get to work in the manurfactorum!

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Defending the Coast: High Elf mage on Dragon.

I had a request to paint a mage on a blue dragon. My mind immediately thought of the sea when I saw the base, the tall rocks and dynamic pose of the dragon. Just looks like its launching from a cliff to deffend the coast.

Naturally this made me think of the Lothern Sea Guard.

“The job of a Sea Guard is to fulfill the dangerous task of defending their vessels from attacking forces, mounting boarding actions against enemy ships, and attacking coastal positions.”

So Lothern sea mage on dragon? Sounds good right. Here it is.


Extremely pleased with it, as was the person it was for. Looks great with the waves crashing against the rocks, really adds to the overall look.


This guy means business!

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