Iron Warriors Hellbrute: Saving Private Ryan

Iron within, Iron without.

This Hellbrute commission came with a request for a death or injured Iron Hands warrior on the base.

My thoughts went immediately to the scene from Saving Private Ryan, where Cpt Miller is shooting an advancing tank with his pistol.

I went for a grenade last stand style pose. Here it is.


My client was very happy with the finished result, this of course gives me great satisfaction.

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Imperial Fists, masters of siege warfare.

An order came through for imperial fists, 10 man tactical squad with a rhino. The requirements were red eye lenses and black trim as opposed to the traditional green lenses and red trim.


Got to say, I’m growing on Imperial Fists. This squad needs a transport, rhino standing by.


And the other side.


For some unknown reason, this squad has inspired me to do a squad of scions in Team America uniforms and a Taurox done in the american flag (like the humvee in the film)


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Emperors Children: Raptors

Pink, a garish colour when overdone. The order was for emperors children raptors, I was given an example image to use as inspiration. The image was quite old, and the models looks dated.

I decided to modernise it and go for a less is more approach to the pink. Using green as a contrast colour, the models really come to life. Here are the results.

dscn0448 dscn0449 dscn0450 dscn0451 dscn0452

Next up will be an order of Imperial Fists. Tactical squad with rhino. Until next post.