Twitter – @Perkulant

Please e-mail for a quote on any model(s) you would like painting.

Include your full name, e-mail and what country you need the order sent to.

Please also include what standard of painting you are looking at.

1) Table top – Base colours, shaded and one layers. Simply based.

2) Table top plus – Base colours, shaded and two highlight layers. Based with simple features.

3) Showcase – Bases colours, shaded, many highlight layers and glazes. Based with detail and more complex features.

Don’t forget to mention what colour schemes you are looking for, basing theme and if you would like your order shipped in a carry case (handy for complete army orders).


I will let you know the price and how long your order will take. Big orders will of course be subject to discounts.

Looking forward to painting for you, I really enjoy what I do. In the meantime check out the posts on the site for examples of my work.